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Praising_prayer.mp3 3.602.08.16 09:47:27Rev. Carl D. WoodPraising God In Your PrayersSermons0:27:12 18M11
Spiritual_exercise.mp3 5.902.12.09 18:01:02Rev. Carl D. WoodSpritual ExerciseAnchor Baptist Church0:44:06 18M11
Gods_book.mp3 5.402.08.09 11:39:52Rev. Carl D. WoodGod's Book: Heaven Demands ResAnchor Baptist ChurchNone0:40:24 18M11
Free_from_fretting.mp3 3.903.08.14 10:08:30Rev. Carl D. WoodFree From FrettingAnchor Baptist Church0:28:56 18M11
The_dancing_resumed.mp3 5.703.01.04 17:34:40Rev. Carl D. WoodThe_dancing_resumedAnchor Baptist Church0:42:35 18M11
Praising_prayer.mp3 3.603.12.02 20:12:08Rev. Carl D. WoodPraising God In Your Prayers2002Anchor Baptist ChurchColossians 1:12-130:27:13 18M11
Spiritual_exercise.mp3 5.903.12.02 19:32:28Rev. Carl D. WoodSpritual Exercise2002Anchor Baptist Church0:44:06 18M11
The_dancing_resumed.mp3 5.703.12.02 20:47:12Rev. Carl D. WoodThe_dancing_resumedAnchor Baptist Church0:42:35 18M11
Free_from_fretting.mp3 3.903.12.02 03:00:47Rev. Carl D. WoodFree From FrettingAnchor Baptist Church0:28:56 18M11
Gods_book.mp3 5.403.12.02 18:58:55Rev. Carl D. WoodGod's Book: Heaven Demands Res200Anchor Baptist ChurchRevelation 3:5; 13:80:40:25 18M11
May_18_Doing_What_We_Believe.mp3 1.503.12.03 06:15:03Rev. Carl E RockrohrMay 18 - Doing What We Believe2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
April_13_I_Trust_in_You_O_Lord.mp3 06:20:59Rev. Carl RockrohrApril 13 Confirmation - I Trus2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
Dec_25_Sing_with_the_Angels.mp3 06:13:12Rev. Carl RockrohrDec 25 - Sing With The Angels2002Sermons From Faith Lutheran
March_5_The_Ten_Commandments_Are_Rea 1.703.12.03 06:24:27Rev. Carl E. RockrohrMarch 5 - The Ten Commandments2003Sermon From Faith Lutheran, Pa
Nov_9_Buildings_Fall_But_Faith_Stand 06:22:15Rev. Carl RockrohrNov 9 - Buildings Fall But Fai2003Sermon At St Mark Luth, Milwau0:02:46 96S44
Feb_16_What_Motivates_Jesus.mp3 1.603.12.03 06:19:05Rev. Carl RockrohrFeb 16 - What Motivates Jesus2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
Dec_4_God_Has_Sent_His_Messenger.mp3 1.403.12.03 05:55:40Rev. Carl RockrohrDec 4 - Why Belive - God Has S2002Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:02:29 80S44
Feb_2_Jesus_Word_Over_Men_and_Demons 1.303.12.03 05:54:44Rev. Carl RockrohrFeb 2 - Jesus' Word Has Author2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, S0:00:58192S44
Dec_29_Jesus_Alone_is_Lord_and_Savio 1.503.12.03 06:02:04Rev. Carl RockrohrDec 29 - Jesus Alone Is Lord A2002Sermons From Faith Lutheran
Feb_9_Jesus_Everyone_is_Looking_for_ 1.803.12.03 06:18:01Rev. Carl E RockrohrFeb 9 - Everyone Is Looking Fo2003Sermons Of Faith Lutheran, Par
March_23_Talk_to_the_One Who Gives L 1.803.12.03 05:50:28Rev. Carl RockrohrMarch 23 - Talk To The One Who2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:00:56256S44
March_17_God's_Word_Is_Law_and_Gospe 1.904.03.20 12:59:09Rev Carl RockrohrMarch 17 - God's Word Is Gospe2004Sermons From Ok Ave Luth Ch, M
March_13_Faith_Is 1.903.12.03 06:07:26Rev. Carl RockrohrMarch 13 - Faith Is Real But U2003Sermons Of Faith Lutheran, Par
April_27_Faith_Overcomes_the_World.m 1.803.12.03 05:57:37Rev Carl E RockrohrApril 13 - Faith Overcomes The2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
Dec_31_Gods_Plans_and_Promises_in_Ch 1.303.12.03 05:51:20Rev Carl RockrohrDec 31 - God's Plans And Promi2002Sermons From Faith Lutheran
Dec_25_Unwrap_the_Gift.mp3 03:57:08Rev. Carl RockrohrDec 25 - Unwrap The Gift2003Sermons From Ok Ave Luth Ch, M
Dec_7_God_Makes_Offerings_Acceptable 1.803.12.27 04:50:44Rev Carl RockrohrDec 7 - God Makes Us Righteous2003Sermons From Oklahoma Luth, Mi0:02:37 96S44
August_10_Jesus_Has_Compassion_By_Te 1.403.12.03 05:52:16Rev. Carl RockrohrAug 10 - Jesus Has Compassion2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
July_19_Minnie_Kretschmer_Funeral_Se 1.303.12.03 05:59:32Rev. Carl E RockrohrJuly 19 - Trusting In Jesus Fo2003Immanuel Luth, Miine K Funeral0:01:06160M44 1.903.12.03 06:16:15Rev. Carl E RockrohrMarch 30 - Be Confident In The2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
July_13_The_Wind_and_Sea_Obey_Him_He 1.403.12.03 06:08:22Rev. Carl RockrohrJuly 13 - The Wind Of Seas Obe2003Sermons Of Faith Lutheran, Par
May_4_Walk_in_His_Light.mp3 1.803.12.03 06:27:40Rev. Carl E RockrohrMay 4 - Walk In His Light2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:03:46 64M44
May_12_Hilda_Bialas_Funeral.mp3 05:53:51Rev. Carl RockrohrMay 12 - Hilda Bialas Funeral2003Sermons From Immanuel Lutheran0:01:47 80M44
June_22_Jesus_is_Lord_of_Sabbath.mp3 1.303.12.03 06:12:25Rev. Carl RockrohrJune 22 - Jesus Is Lord Of The2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:03:40 48S32
June_8_VBS_Sunday_God_Teaches_Throug 0.903.12.03 06:01:05Rev. Carl RockrohrJune 8 - VBS - God Teaches Thr2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
Dec_8_What_Will_He_be_Like.mp3 1.703.12.03 05:47:15Rev. Carl RockrohrDec 8 - What Will He Be Lke2002Sermons At Faith Lutheran, Par0:00:54256M44
April_6_Afflicted_Yet_Believing.mp3 1.803.12.03 06:20:13Rev. Carl RockrohrApril 6 - Afflicted Yet Believ2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:05:03 48S32
K_Heidinger_Funeral_Jesus_Prepares_M 1.503.12.03 06:00:31Rev. Carl RockrohrAug 16 - Jesus Prepares Many R2003Kat Heidinger Funeral
March_9_Is_the_Most_High_Your_Dwelli 05:49:19Rev. Carl RockrohrMarch 9 - Is The Most High You2003Sermons Of Faith Lutheran
Nov_16_Where_is_the_Christ.mp3 1.603.12.03 05:43:59Rev. Carl RockrohrNov 16 - Where Is The Christ T2003Sermon From St Mark Luth, Milw
July_20_She_Is_Not_Dead_But_Sleeping 1.303.12.03 05:42:50Rev Carl RockrohrJuly 20 - She Is Not Dead But2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:01:25128S44
May_25_We_Have_a_Sure_Word.mp3 1.703.12.03 06:23:22Rev. Carl RockrohrMay 25 - We Have A Sure Word2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
June_8_Be_Assured.mp3 1.403.12.03 06:28:40Rev. Carl RockrohrJune 8 - Be Assured2003
July_6_Small_Is_Not_Small_to_God.mp3 05:46:07Rev. Carl RockrohrJuly 6 - Small Is Not Small To2003Sermons At Faith Lutheran, Par 05:48:00Rev. Carl E RockrohrMay 11 - We Are The Children O2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:01:40 96M22 1.603.12.03 06:10:19Rev. Carl E RockrohrJune 29 - Teaching From Above2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P
March_2_The_Cross _Lent_and_Disciple 05:39:40Rev. Carl E. RockrohrMarch 2 - The Cross, Lent And2003Sermons From Faith Lutheran, P0:02:58 96S44
Aug_31_We_Are_Taught_By_God.mp3 06:03:32Rev. Carl RockrohrAug 31 - We Are All Taught By2003Last Sermon At Faith Lutheran,
Nov_23_Watch Out_Mar_13v32-37.mp3 1.603.12.03 05:58:43Rev Carl RockrohrNov 23 - Watch Out! - Mark 13v2003Sermon From St Mark, Milwaukee
April_20_Something_more_after_this_l 05:56:27Rev. Carl RockrohrApril 20 - There Is Something2003Sermons Of Faith Lutheran, Par