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4-18-04-sermon.mp3 5.504.04.19 21:35:13Rev.Dr. Richard W. SelbyThe Safe House2004John 20:19-31
5-30-04-full-service.mp314.404.05.31 01:19:08Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyMay 30 Full Service-Pentecost20040:20:08 96M44
4-11-04-sermon.mp3 5.704.04.12 23:21:31Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyA Tale Of Some Women2004Luke 24:1-120:13:35 56M22
5-23-04-full-service.mp316.504.05.26 16:16:41Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyMay 23, 2004 Full Service2004
5-16-04-sermon.mp3 4.504.05.18 18:26:56Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyFor The Love Of Christ2004John 14:23-29
6-13-04-full-service.mp3 9.704.06.16 16:46:31Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyJune 13, 2004 Full Service20040:05:03256M44
4-4-04-sermon.mp3 5.504.04.05 15:14:32Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyThe Passion Narrative2004Luke 22:14-23:56
6-6-04-full-service.mp314.204.06.07 17:13:09Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyJune 6, 2004 Full Service20040:09:54192M44
6-6-04-sermon.mp3 17:17:43Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyDynamic Faith2004John 16:12-150:06:26 64M22
5-9-04-sermon.mp3 5.904.05.10 16:03:43Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyWhy Not Them, Too?2004Acts 11:1-18
5-9-04-full-service.mp316.804.05.10 15:54:30Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyMay 9, 2004 Full Service20040:11:43192M44
4-4-04-full-service.mp317.804.04.05 15:02:22Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyApril 4, 2004 Full Service20040:12:21192M44
5-23-04-sermon.mp3 6.704.05.26 19:14:25Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbySaints In Trouble2004Acts 16:16-340:14:03 64M44
4-11-04-full-service.mp316.404.04.12 23:13:03Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyApril 11, 2004 Easter Service2004
5-16-04-full-service.mp313.204.05.18 18:20:07Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyMay 16, 2004 Full Service2004
6-13-04-sermon.mp3 3.504.06.16 16:52:11Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyIs Grace The Real Deal Or Not?2004Galatians 2:15-21
5-30-04-sermon.mp3 01:28:48Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyWhat's That Sound?2004Acts 2:1-210:06:28128S44
9-12-04-full-service.mp314.604.09.12 19:32:28Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbySeptember 12, 20042004
8-22-04-full-service.mp315.304.08.23 14:02:30Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyAugust 22, 2004 Full Service20040:25:36 80S44
7-25-04-full-service.mp317.404.07.25 21:02:38Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyJuly 25, 2004 Full Service2004
8-1-04-sermon.mp3 4.804.08.01 21:41:04Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyNew Clothes2004Col. 3:1-110:05:00128S44
9-5-04-sermon.mp3 4.404.09.06 13:07:29Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyBe Careful Of The Large Print2004Luke 14:25-33
8-29-04-full-service.mp314.604.08.30 01:35:45Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyAugust 29,2004 Full Service2004
8-15-04-sermon.mp3 5.904.08.16 13:02:21Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbySo, What's Your Story?2004Hebrews 11:28-12:2
8-15-04-full-service.mp315.904.08.16 12:55:50Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyAugust 15, 2004 Full Service2004
6-27-04-sermon.mp3 13:25:01Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyFreedom's Imperative2004Galatians 5:1, 13-250:02:39256M44
9-5-04-full-service.mp317.004.09.06 12:59:09Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbySeptember 5, 2004 Full Service20040:23:39 96M44
7-25-04-sermon.mp3 5.804.07.25 21:12:31Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyWhat Are We Here For?2004Luke 11:1-130:32:33 24M22
8-22-04-sermon.mp3 14:08:40Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyThe Boy's Call2004Jeremiah 1:4-100:02:07256M44
6-27-04-full-service.mp314.704.06.29 13:17:27Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyJune 27, 2004 Full Service2004
9-12-04-sermon.mp3 3.704.09.12 19:37:48Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyThe Friend Of Sinners2004Luke 15:1-100:03:51128M44
8-29-04-sermon.mp3 3.804.08.30 01:39:59Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyMore Than Manners2004Luke 14:1,7-14
8-1-04-full-service.mp317.904.08.01 21:33:56Rev. Dr. Richard W. SelbyAugust 1, 2004 Full Service2004